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"I have a huge focus on lyrics, melody and songwriting on the whole. I also love educating and growing artists careers. I'm an artist, manager, mentor, music company director, and most importantly fan of music myself! Your subscription is a direct way in which you can support my career as an artist. Each subscription has a huge impact on my career and is something I'm so graetful for. I'll also know you by name and we can connect one on one ongoingly, they're so dope. Thank you!" - Smizzy

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    You also get access to all my back catalogue of music including unreleased songs I have NEVER shown anyone. Finally I want your feedback too. So when I'm half way through writing a verse for example I'll post it up and you can see my process. I'll also stream recording sessions here just so you can see my process and you can also provide feedback.

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Sydney, Australia
Released 3 albums in hip hop outfit Mind Over Matter, released 2 EP's under the name Smiles Again, now Smizzy is set to release his debut solo album titled 'The Cover' in Feb 2017.

'We Swear' is the first taste of the album.

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