The Ghost & The Wolf

by Mind Over Matter

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[Story teller]
James Shepard
Legend has it that in the deepest depths of the darkest forest an unlikely duo first met. Drawn to the cliffs edge by the light of the full moon, where they both connected over its beauty, begins the tale of the ghost and the wolf.

[Verse 1]
I’m a hyena and I don’t like cheetahs /
Them fast as fuck bastards eat up all the nice zebra’s /
N’ I was mad until I turned a pack of site seers /
Into a pile of bones covered in march flies and wife beaters /
I’m a light sleeper to anyone who’s interested /
Last night I slept walked til I was breathless /
Played a game of tennis came back and watched X-men /
Next thing I know I woke up and had breakfast /
I’m an under paid janitor who’s frigging always /
Mopping the hallways about to get famous off a /
Porn tape, with four mates and even more babes /
Rolling on a condom on the porch at your place /
I’m a short cake on your fourth date, about to get eaten /
By your minging looking girl who didn’t really like me /
But likes you and wants your mum to like her to /
So she lied to her and told her I was gourmet /
I’m a large mouse with cheese by his whiskers /
Cos I’m caught in a rat trap that’s still alive cos this shitty trap’s crap /
If I could only snap back my neck /
I’d run from this black cat circling me like its Christmas /
I’m the straw that broke the camel’s back /
Then skinned that lumpy cunt and turned that fucking bitch into an anorak /
And some tracky dacks with a matching hat /
That got Mad Martigan on the front of fashion mag /
I’m the dish that ran away with the spoon /
Til one day the spoon found me at the table with a fork /
I said I was board then we fought til we talked /
Then we ran back and carried on life like before /
I’m a lock smith who’s locked in a box n’ /
Can’t remember which keys the right one to open the lock with /
Who doesn’t realise he’s actually dead and in his coffin /
N’ when he couldn’t work it out he gave up and started knocking /

[Story teller]
James Shepard
Tales of the duo spread through the town neareth the forest, and fear grew in the hearts of the towns’ people. So on the night of the full moon, when the forest was at its brightest, a dozen of the towns bravest men ventured into the woods with their torches lit and axes sharpened, thirsty to put an end to the ghost and the wolf for good..

Here’s a little storey about the ghost and the wolf /
N’ they met in the woods and became best friends /
And before we all knew it fell in love with the moon /
But all the people in the town just wanted them dead /
So the ghost told the wolf that he couldn’t be seen /
If he didn’t want to be and that was all that he needed /
And the wolf told the ghost he wasn’t worried for a minute /
And if anyone wanted them dead they could bring it /

[Verse 2]

[Story teller]
In the shadows of the forest the ghost was spotted by the mob at the yawning mouth of the cave. At once the mob charged at the ghost, but to their surprise, they ran straight through him and found themselves in the wolf’s lair.. Where they were never seen again.



released January 19, 2017
Written by M. Brown, R. Lockyer. Story teller vocals James Shepard.
Produced by Matik & Jon Reichardt. Additional instrumentation by J. Reichardt.
Mixed by Craig Bauer @ Hinge Studios Chicago.
Mastered by Danny Leake for Urban Guerrilla Engineers.



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Smizzy Sydney, Australia

Released 3 albums in hip hop outfit Mind Over Matter, released 2 EP's under the name Smiles Again, now Smizzy is set to release his debut solo album titled 'The Cover' in Feb 2017.

'We Swear' is the first taste of the album.
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